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Discover The Art Of Embracing Your Sixth Sense Spiritual Gifts & How To Use Them As Tools To Live Your MOST Fulfilling Life

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Blossoming The Inner Spirit 

...a powerful, self-paced, online group coaching program created specifically for spiritually gifted persons who want to elevate their consciousness, break free from emotional bondage, and reclaim a fulfilling and happy life! 

What You Will learn in this High-Level Group Coaching program:

  • Key spiritual practices to strengthen your intuition and balance your mind and heart
  • How to integrate and manage your spiritual gifts
  • The art of true freedom and carefree living
  • How to shift and release fearful thoughts and emotions
  • check
    How to recognize guidance from divine communication
  • check
    How to release incongruent energy blocks
  • check
    How to recognize the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in emotional bondage and self sabotaging behavior patterns
  • check
    Conscious language, and how to use it to attract and magnetize success
  • check
    How to stop caring so much about the opinions of others
  • check
    How to use the power of your thoughts and words to shift current unpleasant circumstances
  • check
    How to stop struggling with emotions of fear, depression, sadness, and self-doubt
  • How to protect your emotional and psychological well-being from unhealthy toxic people
  • Steps to become more self-confident to own your personal power
  • How to cultivate a stronger connection to your inner spirit or higher self
  • check
    How to set your intentions for outcomes that are favorable in your highest good and the good of others
  • check
    How to attract positive people and situations in your life
  • check
    How to exercise your spiritual muscle and see experiences from a more expanded, high vibrational view point
  • check
    How to honor spiritual integrity with the use of your gifts
  • check
    How to deal with difficult close-minded people that belittle you
  • How to strengthen and flow your mental energy towards desired results

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Here's Exactly What's Included:

One-On-One personalized weekly Video coaching with Athena Lucene in a supportive group atmosphere

Each week you get LIVE direct access to me (Athena Lucene) in my online meeting room. These group coaching sessions provide you with the opportunity to interact with me personally so I can assist you with any concerns you have and answer your most pressing questions.

These sessions will be held in a supportive group atmosphere with other program participants, and my coaching will be refined based on each participant’s questions and concerns during that particular session.

Blossoming the inner spirit training course

You will receive instant and unlimited access to my Blossoming The Inner Spirit Digital Training Course.  This course is comprised of 6 powerful modules in the form of videos and PDF workbooks.

This course is where you will learn all the essentials to:

  • Embracing and nurturing your sixth sense spiritual gifts
  • Ending self-betrayal
  • Expanding your consciousness to accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Stopping fear and self-doubt so you can reclaim your inner glory
  • Tapping into your soul essence so you can strengthen your intuition
  • Protecting your energy from others that drain you emotionally and psychologically
  • ...and more

You get immediate access to ALL modules when you join, so you can review them whenever you like and go at your own pace. All of the content is sitting in the member’s area right now waiting for you to join and access it.

Private community forum

You will receive instant and unlimited access to the private community forum – full of other like-minded spiritually gifted persons in the program who all support each other on their journey.

This forum is NOT a private Facebook group where there are privacy concerns; instead, this is a private forum hosted on my Universal Heart Coaching site on secure web servers.

I will peruse the forum from time to time…so in addition to interacting with me on the live coaching sessions, you will also have access to me (Athena Lucene) in the community forum.

Access to private video archive

You will receive instant and unlimited access to ALL of the weekly personalized coaching sessions. So yes, in addition to holding these live group coaching sessions, I record them.

All recordings will be added to the private archive in the member’s area within 24 hours of the last live session. So whether you want to review the coaching session, or you were not able to attend, either way, you have unlimited access to the recordings.

Get Notified When This Program Re-opens

The Blossoming The Inner Spirit Program is currently closed to new participants. Enter your name and best email address below to be the first to know when the doors open again.


If life has you feeling confused, unhappy, and miserably disconnected from others, then this will be the most important web page you have visited in a long time.

Here’s Why...

I’m going to show you how to tap into
your personal power!

Have you ever found yourself feeling fear and shame that you aren’t normal enough and are uniquely different from everyone else?

Have you ever tried to ignore and suppress your sensitivities to the energy of other people and places in your environment?

Do you already know that you have unique sixth sense abilities, but the fear and anxiety of it feels like a curse instead of a blessing?

If you are like most people who have experienced extrasensory perception abilities, you probably answered “yes” to at least one of these questions.

athena lucene

But there is no need to be ashamed…

Because if you’re struggling with fear, confusion, and anxiety about your abilities…

If you find yourself wondering what is happening to you and why you are broken…

And if you’ve started to wonder if something is wrong with you and if you’ll ever live a normal life...

...then CONGRATULATIONS. You’re in the right place!

There are NO ACCIDENTS – If You’re reading This Page, Then You’re Here For A Reason.

If you’re feeling frustrated with life, wondering how you can “fix yourself and be normal” and be a good person and have the carefree happiness you want, you’re not alone.

Most people with sixth sense spiritual gifts would like to have more emotional balance, clarity about their abilities – how to nurture and manage them and live a successful life – deeper, more loving supportive relationships, greater inner peace, better emotional health, and more positive energy.

But very few gifted persons are nurtured and have the language and understanding to describe what is happening to them. It may seem to them as if their spiritual gifts are curses instead of divine blessings.

No matter how unique your abilities are, and the emotional ups and downs you struggle with – whether it is fear, difficulty focusing, anxiety, loneliness, or toxic relationships – you’ve probably given up from feeling broken and unrelatable to others for so long…and given up on creating the life you want.

And chances are, if you’ve taken some advice and tried to manage it all on your own you probably found it didn’t solve the REAL problem.

athena lucene - spiritual growth coach


Because the sad fact is that gifted persons like you don’t fail at successfully managing and maintaining an emotional balance because they aren’t trying – because they most certainly are trying.

They might spend their entire lives chasing after a happy well-rounded life…only to find that as soon as they overcome one obstacle, something else would happen that caused them to spiral in downward negative emotions.

But still, no matter what they do, they still aren’t living successful well-rounded lives they would like to have.

And that’s not because they’ve done anything wrong, it’s because they never really reached the root cause that ties all of their issues together.

So, what is the root cause?

To find it, you need to...

Look deep inside yourself!

As you sit there and read every word on this page, I want you to imagine what your life would be like when you fully understand your spiritual abilities and are aware of exactly how to get into an extremely high vibrational intuitive flow, and free yourself from limiting beliefs and emotional blocks.

It’s time for you to have a multidimensional understanding of yourself and become aligned with all aspects of you.

So far you have been doing things naturally without realizing how you’re able to do them.  You’ve gotten to this point without having the full understanding, clarity, or wisdom behind how you’re experiencing it all…right?


You can sense that there is something different about you, but you don’t have the words to explain it.

Over time, you dismiss it, and try to live as much of a “normal” life as you possibly can, but you know that something is incomplete.

Something within you knows you are meant to have a more satisfying life.

You have a unique way of perceiving life. You have deep insight when it comes to sensing the emotions of others and sense when others are being insincere. You prefer to be alone because of your heightened sixth sense abilities and crave constant alone time.

You seldom talk about it with anyone because you think, “What’s the use, they won’t really get it” …and you will just end up feeling embarrassed…right?

Life seems empty with lots of short-lived happy moments that aren’t lasting, yet you continue to try to conform to the way everyone else says you “should” live your life, despite having a strong inner knowing that you are meant for more than mediocrity.

Instead of focusing on that inner knowing, you’ve settled for living in confusion, fear, and anxiety, even-though you know there is something extraordinary and different about you.

How do I know all this?

Because I was just like you.

I didn’t just wake up highly developed and accepting of my sixth sense spiritual gifts – 
It took a lot of inner work.

Although I was born with a clear knowing and connection to the divine, there was a period in my life where I did not embrace and trust the guidance.

I can remember the emotional pain, hurt, and confusion that I felt from not fully understanding my sixth sense spiritual gifts.  At the time, I didn’t even know that my hypersensitivities to the energy and feelings of others were even a form of giftedness, especially since they felt more like a curse than a gift at times.

To be honest, I often felt as if something was wrong with me. I didn’t know what was going on with me, and quite frankly, no one else seemed to either.

When I was growing up, I was bullied in school and the other kids made fun of me. They thought I was weird and too different to be accepted.

athena lucene

I didn’t have anyone who understood my unique needs, or how to nurture and teach me about my abilities and how to embrace and manage them
(as the very special and sacred spiritual gifts they are).

For many years, I struggled emotionally with low self-esteem and with feelings that my gifts were evil, that I was a bad person, and that I didn’t deserve good things in my life.

I even attracted many toxic and unhealthy people in my life that mistreated me (which confirmed my beliefs that I wasn’t good enough), and I struggled to maintain healthy dynamics in most of my relationships.

I was failing miserably at trying to manage my life and my spiritual gifts. I would have given anything for the chance to just be “normal” like everyone else.

My perceived lack of clarity and uncertainty about my life was my normal, and I was too ashamed to tell anyone. On the surface, I presented myself very confidently, but deep inside, I was hurting and continually second guessed myself.

I would constantly replay conversations in my mind and felt anxiety and fear that others could see right through me, and that they would discover my “secret” – that there was something very different about me.

I did my best to fit in so that other people would approve of and accept me.

I worked hard to achieve social goals, because I thought they would bring me happiness and validation of my worth…

I went to college, I joined the US Army the following month after the September 11 attacks, I got married, bought a home, started a family, and had a successful career as a federal Investigator…


The happiness from accomplishing these goals were always short lived. There was a sense of emptiness and a void that would always return. I never truly felt as if I belonged, despite my achievements.

To make matters worse, I felt even more confused, because I could sense that something was wrong, but I didn’t know why I was feeling this way.

I felt as if life betrayed me.

I felt empty and stuck. 

So, believe me, I know exactly what you are going through and all about the loneliness and self-doubt you are feeling.

As life continued, I felt more and more dissatisfied with it, because I knew it wasn’t my best life.

I was determined to figure it out…

athena lucene

I began to spend a lot of time alone and reflected on my life. In this alone time, I could hear the quiet whispers of my soul gently talking to me and guiding me.

I quickly realized that life didn’t betray me; instead, I was the one who had betrayed myself by living a life that wasn’t aligned with my inner truth.

The external achievements and goals could never give me the fulfillment and sustaining happiness I was craving.

I discovered that all the emotional pain and discomforts I endured was because I was disconnected from my soul essence and inner intuitive guidance.

I had an epiphany that only true divine connection with my soul and its calling to live from a level of connection to my highest divine self could give me sustaining fulfillment and the understanding about my spiritual gifts.

My inner spirit began to blossom when I started to trust my inner guidance more consistently and practiced wholistic intuitive living.

I began to start implementing a set of specific wholistic spiritual practices each day to strengthen my connection with my soul (intuition).

I allowed myself to receive divine downloads of knowledge and wisdom about my spiritual gifts and how to nurture and manage them in a balanced way.

And then the Universe put me to the test…

Just when I thought I was in a state of full awareness, I experienced many radical life altering changes within a short period of time that profoundly affected my abilities and assisted me with healing more aspects of myself.

My mother unexpectedly passed away, I began the process of ending my almost 12 years of marriage, and I had to face the reality that I would become a single mother to my six-year-old son.

These events caused a further ascension of my consciousness and a more accelerated awakening process began for me. The acceleration occurred because I didn’t waver in continuously applying spiritual principles and practices in my day to day life that keep me in a state of balance.

It was as if the paradigm of my old reality was destroyed overnight and the Universe gifted me the opportunity to create a happier and more fulfilling life.

I became even more receptive to the guidance and insight from The Creator.

My extrasensory perception abilities began to heighten, and my self-awareness and intuitive knowing blossomed even more than before and lead me in a new direction.

Now in my day to day life, my spiritual gifts are the blessing they were intended to be to myself and others…and yours can be as well.

My life journey and resilience has led me to my realized soul calling, passion, and divine purpose. My new beginning gave me the chance to use my giftedness to work with other spiritually gifted people who are seeking guidance and healing.

I promise you that you deserve to live a balanced, peaceful, and happy life NOW, without all the pain and emotional discomforts I endured unnecessarily for many years.

It’s all about practicing wholistic intuitive living so you can strengthen your connection with source energy.

I’m going to share this knowledge with you and
show you exactly how to apply it in your own life.

The spirit within you is communicating and saying that you know you’re not meant to live in a box and live out certain social programming that’s not congruent to a more fully expressed divine life of inner joy, peace, and abundance.

It’s time to allow for the free spirit to
emerge and be expressive!

When you do this, you will contribute to the evolutionary consciousness.  The more we become conscious, the more everything evolves – our planet, the universe, the galaxy.

Life becomes more pleasurable the more we are cosmically and collectively receiving higher consciousness.  You become the most fulfilled when you allow yourself to get in the magical intuitive flow.

The more you embrace the truth of self, the more layers of expanded understanding will unfold, and the more profound your manifestations will be.

athena lucene

I’m very happy and passionate about teaching this to you and other spiritual gifted individuals who are ready to learn and do the inner work.

The Blossoming The Inner Spirit Group Coaching Program Will Help You Strengthen Your Intuition, Develop Your True Spiritual Gifts And Succeed In 
Managing Them To Live A Happy Life

blossoming the inner spirit ecover

You Will Finally Have The Benefit Of:

  • Self-confidence to own your personal power
  • Experiencing more love, peace, joy, and emotional balance
  • Manifesting divine desires effortlessly
  • Embracing your creative genius and imagination
  • Fostering the courage to love, accept, and be yourself unconditionally
  • Standing in your truth and embracing your spirituality unapologetically
  • Focusing on your self-discovery process and making positive changes

I'm going to show you how to master your mind and become the powerful being you were meant to be.  You’ll learn the exact spiritual insights I have used to find success in my own life. 

This is the most powerful, spiritually transformative program that I have ever designed to strengthen your intuition and confidence with your abilities at your own pace. 

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See What People Are Saying About Athena's Coaching...

jay shaw


Athena, thank you for all your wonderful support, guiding and supporting us. You have truly helped me channel divine spiritual energies, balancing the feminine and masculine energies. I was able to let go of worry about money and know abundance is mine. Thank you for teaching us the art of words and allowing me the power within.

Jay Shaw 

allyson emhoff


I had the pleasure of meeting Athena and working with her recently. She is truly gifted and was able to offer invaluable spiritual insight and clear any negative energy. After a coaching session with her I was able to make positive transformative life decisions to achieve a more heightened sense of fulfillment.

Allyson Emhoff

Wanique Khemi-Tehuti Shabazz NTS


I've had the modeled opportunity to interact and exchange comparable life-path notes with Spiritual Growth Coach Athena Lucene as a colleague and also as a facilitator of exalted knowledge. Her keen awareness and knack for grasping higher dimensional concepts are uniquely designed to support others in confronting their fears, doubts, and insecurities in order to choose a more definitive navigation with confident self-esteem.

Her instinctive and intuitive insights are genuinely enlightening and sometimes frightening in that most are not prepared for her pristine accuracy. Her initiated life-path has come into full blossom at the perfect cosmic time and is resonating and synchronizing with other mirrored souls who have agreed to allow for her remembrances and harmonious tweets to gently awakened them in the early dawning of another Galactic Earth spin.

With the bold advent of her effective "Spiritual Growth Coach" & "Intuitive Energy Healer" techniques attaining one's "Life Purpose" has never been more inviting.

Wanique Khemi-Tehuti Shabazz, NTS

marisol credle


Athena is highly intuitive, thought provoking, empowering and truly aligned within her spirit. I have had the pleasure of several coaching calls with Athena as I was going through my transformation and becoming more understanding of my true spiritual gifts. Often times, I felt misunderstood, isolated from people and realized how sensitive I was to others’ emotions and physical feelings.

I am empathic and I didn't know what to do with that or how to protect myself. Athena, through her own personal journey and spiritual abilities, was able to support me and walk with me through my process. I am very grateful for all our coaching calls because now I am more aligned with my true gifts and I know how to protect it and stay energized.

I highly recommend connecting with Athena as she has tons of experience and a wealth of knowledge and a knowing that is truly innate. She is truly gifted, and can help you foster your own spiritual gifts.

Marisol Credle

shannon conway praises athena lucene


Athena’s grounded spiritual coaching was a key element in the transformation of my wealth consciousness. She is a generous and gifted coach who worked with me during a dark night of the soul time. Her confidence and intuition saw right into my soul and gave me enormous insight into my own long held blocks.

Shannon Conway

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“Your spiritual gifts are a unique energetic expression of the divine that is meant to be used to cultivate a wonderful, magical, joyous and prosperous life!”

 Athena Lucene

Freedom and self-liberation is yours (if you allow it to be)!

You are a divine being who is meant to live a life full of freedom of every kind – vitality in all ways…confidence...self-love. 

A life that is so magical and magnificent that to try to put it in the limitations of words…well, there’s no words that can be expressed that can ever explain the frequency of this higher multidimensional living where you are in your physical body yet incorporated with your soul essence. 

Your soul essence is connected to the divine intelligence, the all-knowing, the omnipresent, The All that is.  And so, when you’re integrated with that, there’s nothing you don’t know. 

If you’re ready to learn how to become more integrated, then take action and invest in yourself today!

Get Notified When This Program Re-opens

The Blossoming The Inner Spirit Program is currently closed to new participants. Enter your name and best email address below to be the first to know when the doors open again.

Abundant Blessings,

Athena Lucene

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