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Discover A Proven Process For Strengthening Your Soul Connection Through Spiritual Growth That Allows You To Integrate Your True Self And Spiritual Gifts To Create A Fulfilling And Blissful Life

(...While freeing yourself from mental & emotional bondage)

Athena Lucene Program


The Art of Being Spiritually Gifted 

...a powerful, self-paced, 90-day online spiritual growth group coaching program created specifically for spiritually gifted persons who want to elevate their consciousness and stand in the truth of their personal power! 

What You Will learn in this program:

  • Key spiritual practices to strengthen your intuition and balance your mind and heart
  • The art of true freedom and carefree living
  • How to shift and release fearful thoughts and emotions
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    How to recognize guidance from divine communication
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    How to release incongruent energy blocks
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    How to recognize the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in emotional bondage and self sabotaging behavior patterns
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    Conscious language, and how to use it to attract and magnetize success
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    How to strengthen and flow your mental energy towards desired results
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    How to use the power of your thoughts and words to shift current unpleasant circumstances
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    How to stop struggling with emotions of fear, depression, sadness, and self-doubt
  • How to cultivate a stronger connection to your inner spirit or higher self
  • Steps to become more self-confident to own your personal power
  • How to protect your energy from obligations and people that drain you
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    How to set your intentions for outcomes that are favorable in your highest good and the good of others
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    How to establish healthy boundaries
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    How to exercise your spiritual muscle and see experiences from a more expanded, high vibrational view point
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    Common words and phrases to "STOP" using immediately that repels material and spiritual wealth
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    How to honor spiritual integrity with the use of your gifts
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    How to transform your money story and develop a strong wealth consciousness to attract and create sustaining financial security

Here's Exactly What's Included:

  • One-on-One personalized weekly coaching with me (Athena Lucene) in a supportive group atmosphere
  • Lifetime access to The Art of Being Spiritually Gifted digital training course comprised of 8 powerful lessons in the form of videos and PDF workbooks for each lesson
  • 90-day Access to the private community forum full of other like-minded spiritually gifted persons in the program who all support each other on their journey
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    90-day access to ALL recordings of the weekly personalized coaching sessions
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    90-day Access to me (Athena Lucene) in the private group forums
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    90-day access to my support video library consisting of answers to concerns shared by many spiritually gifted persons

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If you’re a spiritually gifted individual seeking guidance to assist you with understanding your spiritual abilities so that you can use them as life tools to experience the high vibrational frequencies of love, joy, peace and well-being...and you’re ready to do the inner work for enlightenment,  then this will be the most important web page you have visited in a long time.

Here’s Why...

I’m going to show you how to tap into your power!

As you sit there and read every word on this page, I want you to imagine what your life would be like when you get into an extremely high vibrational intuitive flow and free yourself from limiting beliefs and emotional blocks.

It’s time for you to have a multidimensional understanding of yourself and discover how to develop and use your spiritual giftedness to become harmonious with all aspects of yourself. 

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So far you may have been doing things naturally without having the language and realization of how you’re able to influence various aspects of your reality (causing you to manifest experiences that are wanted and unwanted). You’ve gotten to this point on spiritual autopilot without having the full integrated understanding, clarity, or applied wisdom. Now do the inner work to discover how to skillfully use your gifts to become a masterful creator of a blissful reality while being a blessing to others.

In order to continue to awaken and evolve consciously, it is vital to now learn the tools to manifest your divine desires free from emotional bondage. If you are reading this, you’re definitely at the point where you need nurturing and support so that you evolve in a healthy, balanced, and soul nourishing way...

...and I’m here to be a source of support for you.

First, there’s something you need to know..

I didn’t just wake up aligned and highly developed with my spiritual gifts. 
It took time, a lot of heartache, and consistent determination throughout the years…

So please be gentle and patient with yourself!

athena lucene

Although I was born with a clear knowing and connection to the divine, there was a period in my life where I did not embrace my gifts and trust the guidance.

There was always an emptiness, because at the time I didn’t understand my journey to enlightenment, nor what was happening to me spiritually.

I know you know that feeling...

Trying to fit into the mold of what society considers “normal” but still feeling empty inside.

It’s not always easy to accelerate in your consciousness without spiritual support; especially when everyone else around you is so different. There’s so many negative emotions that can come up with your misinterpretation of your gifts.

And then obviously if it’s not managed well or nurtured well then it can lead

to things like severe depression or other states of consciousness that have been classified as “mental illness;” alcoholism; drug abuse…and more. 

For some persons it has lead to more tragic outcomes like suicide.

That’s why it’s so important not to stagnate or repress spiritual growth when you have spiritual gifts.

I eventually realized that the emptiness – that void I felt when I tried to “fit in” with society – was because…

The frequency of the societal programming I was living out was not in alignment with my inner frequency – that inner truth within me, my soul’s purpose.

Once I realized this, I began to accept and embrace my true self without judgement.

I began to trust in the connection I had with that spirit within and I blossomed into the knowing and being of that.

This acceptance process began when I started to apply a specific set of spiritual principles and practices in my life, which lead to further development of my gifts.

I’m going to share this knowledge with you, show you how to apply it in your own life, and support you along the way!

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“Your spiritual gifts are a unique energetic expression of the divine that is meant to be used to cultivate a wonderful, magical, joyous and prosperous life!”

 Athena Lucene

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