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Athena Lucene’s Profound Spiritual Insights About Your Divine Mystical Gifts

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you are spiritually gifted book

In every person is a supernatural nature and inner spirit that awaits to be blossomed through spiritual growth and self awareness. One who is spiritually connected is one with the intuitive guiding flow of life that leads to ultimate freedom and personal empowerment.

In You Are Spiritually Gifted, Spiritual Thought Leader and Coach Athena Lucene invites modern-day mystics on a sacred journey of  self acceptance and nurturance of their birthright of spiritual giftedness.

Only from the position of spiritual awakening can you develop and manage your spiritual gifts to maintain emotional and psychological balance and freedom to live a fulfilling life. In this moment time is of the essence. The age of spiritual awakening is now!


  • Dissolve any fear based beliefs about your sacred gifts.
  • Develop unshakeable spiritual confidence in your unique abilities.
  • Reclaim your personal power to let go of toxic relationships.
  • How to use your special gifts as spiritual life tools for success.
  • How to consciously awaken without trauma or suffering.
  • How to raise spiritually gifted children.
  • How to cope when others think you're crazy and don't understand you.
  • How to protect your energy from negative people.
  • Understand that you are not meant to be ordinary.
  • Be recognized and appreciated for sharing your gifts with the world (if you choose to be!).
  • Become magnetic to all things aligned with your highest and greatest good.
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Bringing together a lifetime of personal experiences and down to earth transparency, spiritual practices, and insights, Athena Lucene shares the steps, energy healing exercises, and journal prompts to dissolve all forms of fear and self doubt so you can connect with your inner spirit to blossom into the highest version of yourself.

With sophisticated charm and down to earth flair, Athena guides you to activate your intuition and discern the most empowering life you can imagine and successfully manage your abilities wholistically to live the emotionally free and psychologically balanced, healthy and joyous life you deserve. All while bringing you along her own personal spiritual journey of awakening and divine ascension. 

you are spiritually gifted book

Strong spiritual connection and intuitive discernment is for everyone, and when you have the courage to love and accept your divine gifts as the blessings they are, everyone benefits from your radiant light.

The times of fearing, rejecting, and suppressing your spiritual gifts to try to fit in and be normal are over. Forever. The world needs the spiritually gifted to answer their sacred calling to step forward and illuminate their light to help heal themselves and humanity.

You Are Spiritually Gifted is the spiritually insightive guide we’ve needed and have been awaiting. 

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